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A low cost, full featured open source, industrial 3D camera.

This project is an open source industrial 3D camera. The goal at current stage is to create a low cost 3D camera with capability of current generation industrial cameras. It is also a computer with GPU computing capability, which makes running 3D point cloud recognition algorithms and robotic arm control programs possible. This camera can be used in scenarios such as bin-picking, assembly, 3D inspection and many others.

Our ultimate goal is to continuously reduce the cost of industrial 3D cameras with the help of deeplearning’s capabilities of abstract representation, and allow machine vision and AI to penetrate all aspects of this carbon-based world.

High Scan Quality Open Hardware Easy-To-Start
<div style="width: 150pt"> The camera is designed for industrial use. High accuracy of 50 micron or better is achievable </div> <div style="width: 150pt"> All of our developement is open-source, that anyone can use and improve it. </div> <div style="width: 150pt"> A growing number of detailed tutorials will help getting started. </div>
Parameter Value
Calibration Accuracy 0.05mm
Point Cloud Resolusion 1920x1200
Image Resolusion 1920x1200
Frame Rate 1fps
Baseline 150mm
Working Distance 400 ~ 2000mm
Data Interface Ethernet
HFOV 40°
VFOV 23°
Dimensions 207 x 127.5 x 50.5 mm
Weight 1230g
CPU Quad-core Arm A57 processor @ 1.43 GHz
GPU 128-core Maxwell GPU
Memory 4GB 64-bit LPDDR4

XEMA structural design files
XEMA-S assembly.stp (view online)
XEMA-S structural components.stp (view online)
XEMA-L assembly.stp (view online)
XEMA-L structural components.stp (view online)
XEMA Jetson Nano Carrier Board design files